Hi, my name is Kern Frost (kern

In June 2015, I woke up one day and realised things had changed … in fact my girlfriend noticed first – she said – “You look fat” – not particularly polite I felt. Then she then said “you look like a pregnant male” (I think she meant whale) and finished off her observations with there was three of us in the bed … her, me and my stomach … Not a cosy ménage et trois I deduced.

I knew I’d been in denial for a while, in fact I’d given up sucking my stomach in for photos as I could no longer hide it. When I sucked in – it either went up a bit, or just hung there over the top of my trousers. So I guess my growth in stature had been on her mind for a while.

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The trouble with a flabby belly is – it not only follows you around all day (just a little while after the rest of you has moved), but it’s actually a lot like carrying a full suitcase strapped to your front all the time – you get tired, you get out of breath and all your cloths don’t fit. It’s unsightly, unhealthy and reminds you that you’re no longer thirty anymore.IMG_2031

I lay in bed wondering if I should just accept the inevitable spread, as after all – I was fifty two and well into middle age, or should I do something about it – but what? I like chocolate, I like cake, I like wine… and together they don’t add up to much of a heathy diet .. Or do they? The gym was never an option, all that sweaty Lycra and fit people making you feel inadequate… it’s the only place where less is really more! But for me the thought of lifting weights and running nowhere on a treadmill seemed like a lot of effort with no certain gain – without months of hard effort, pain, as well as depriving myself of the treats I love. I wanted something quick and simple that didn’t involve changing cloths or needing a shower afterwards. Something I could do anytime, anywhere – that would change me into Brad Pitt – a bit like magic.


Workouts also sounded a little too much like hard work, and whilst I’m a co founder of a Swiss woman’s ballet fitness company called Ballet Body Sculpture GmbH, my part of the program was all to do with the power of the mind to boost results, not getting hot and steamy with fit women:-) In fact, I hadn’t been to the gym for fifteen years and the thought of doing press-ups. sit-ups or any ‘ups’ were totally out of the question. Funny thing is, when you do have a belly – you do a sit-around to avoid the lump, and the extra weight puts far too much weight on your arms for pressing at all.

So I decided to create my own fitness program that didn’t involve weights, diets, gyms or workouts in the conventional sense, rather – something I could do in the shower, the bed or while I was wandering around doing nothing as my girlfriend shopped. Something that worked quickly, got immediate results and was easy.

So, as most of my time is spent studying basic behavioural patterns with my personal coaching clients, I wondered if there was a simple solution that our ancestors could teach us. A lot of our behaviour is subconscious and stems from our origins as a species, so by tracing our way of life back ten thousand years or so, I reasoned the human body was perfectly adapted from four million years of evolution towards two fundamental behavioural traits – those of the ‘hunter’, and those of a ‘cave’ dweller.

In simple terms, the ‘Hunter’ would be lean and mentally sharp – based on the need for survival with a rapid burn of calories for energy, where as the ‘Cave’ dweller would be lethargic and inclined towards storing fat for warmth, as well as a slow release of the energy for survival till the ‘hunters’ returned with a kill. By theorising the behavioural modalities of the ‘Hunter’ and the ‘Cave’ profile, I developed an understanding of how the metabolism would have been programmed by a series of specific triggers – that were still just as relevant today.

This knowledge, combined with an understanding of body mechanics, as well as how ballet dancers use the mind body connection to aid recovery from illness, led me to develop a series of simple mental and physical exercises that could be incorporated into my daily routine (just like eating or using the loo). The result would reprogram my metabolism to adopt a ‘hunter profile’ – basically my body would lean burn anything that was eaten. Personally I lost 9kg in 30 days using the techniques I developed, whilst still maintaining a diet of sugar rich foods – my beloved chocolate, wine and cake… but did I achieve the Brad Pitt look without ever picking up a weight, dieting, or even increasing my heart rate… no sit ups, press ups, or any ups for that matter – you can be my judge here. (thats me 0n the left).IMG_2016.large

Subsequently, I’ve taken the program towards body sculpting by increasing muscle mass and definition without the need for workouts, weights, gyms or diets. Purely the natural use of body mechanics and visualisation techniques to boost the effects and maintain a lean burning metabolism. I called the program ‘Kernesthetics’ – and here we are.

Posture is incredibly important to my program, yet it’s overlooked by the majority of personal trainers and workouts. Its a vital key to staying young and looking cool. My philosophy on diet has always been eat what you want but just keep flexing to make sure you get the harmful chemicals in the food we eat out of the body as quickly as possible. Getting fit doesn’t have to include conventional thinking.. like getting changed, getting hot, or getting sweaty – it should be about enjoying life and what you eat – but always knowing your body is progressing towards a healthy look and life.

Now the program is set to hopefully revolutionise the fitness industry that has been historically focused on unnatural bursts of induced exercise or training, whilst 95 % of the average ‘fit’ person’s day the body remains in a passive mode. This means even if you do exercise regularly, the basic set up of your metabolism is for the cave profile – hence why when you stop working out the pounds pile back on.

What’s needed is a spread of intensive physical moves across the day to ‘trick’ the metabolism into Hunter profile. Building muscle without any external weight aid, the use of sit ups, press ups or any form of exercise that increases the heart rate, is fundamental to the program. In fact I’ve specifically designed everything to be accomplished in a standard toilet cubical using natures natural calling as a reminder to flex and burn more calories.IMG_2078

As far as the health food industry, the need for expensive ‘good for you’ foods is negated by the program, as the metabolism burns so leanly that the richest foods can be digested rapidly and harmful toxins expelled. Dieting is not essential to the program, although I will concede my own results may have been increased if l’d changed my intake away from three bottles of wine a week, plus chocolate and cake as a main food supplement. Balance is the key. Ultimately, the new thinking we’ve been looking for to maintain healthy attractive bodies, comes from the natural processes our bodies have perfected over thousands of years.

A simple solution that allows us to eat what we want without the guilt, and enjoy a highly addictive and energising fitness addition to our daily routines. As I said a routine that can be performed anytime anywhere – in the shower, in the loo, while shopping, or even in bed. Kernesthetics is the vehicle that provides the expertise and the motivation to corner the global market in personal health and fitness, by giving people what they want without the feeling of guilt over pleasure.

Plus I’ve linked the program to a rewards system that means you can develop a strong passive income from getting fit – whatever age or level you are.

Ok – so I’m fifty four now and getting fitter everyday when I should be getting fatter I suppose – what’s your excuse?


So – get started on the program today, and if you focus you will find the weight drops off – while you gain the pounds or the dollars in your pocket through helping other people start flexing for life too.

Too many people are overweight these days, and it seems diets and conventional fitness programs are just not cutting it. So moving exercise out of the gym into becoming just part of your day is a common sense and obvious solution.

                      We all have a choice in life – to either be going in this direction investing into fat for weight gain,

financial loss and health risks…


Or this investing into ourselves for weight loss, financial gain and health security.


So click the button below and give your body the break it needs – it’s never too late to start going in the right direction and a few seconds flexing across your day will make all the difference.




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